hello cheeseheads,

here we are again with another last minute flog.  remember the days when i didn’t work 9-5 and had all the time in the world to throw this shit together by wednesday?  ahh, the good ol’ days.  even now i’m sitting at my desk at work typing this shit up. (with a beer of course.  thank you IT fridge!)  well no worries, i think everyone knows by now that we meet every game day at mom’s in santa monica.  after all, we are Lambeau West.

well, we are heading into the last two games of the half before our bye week.  first up, cam newton’s panthers.  at 3-2-1 the panthers are coming off a tough tie against the bengals.  they are sitting at the top of their very weak division but the saints are brea…thing down their necks.  so don’t expect an easy game.  don’t be mistaken, these guys can put some numbers up and our team needs to hold the throttle down the whole game.  keep their O off the field.

the packers are starting to hit their stride and it has shown the last few games after a tough start.  well, we all RELAXED just like rodgers said and he sure did deliver.  the offense is once again picking apart defenses.  unfortunately, it is now a case of the “next man up” on D as the packers have shields and jones out with lattimore and williams still questionable.  either way, their play will be limited if they do indeed suit up.  but like vic says, “just win baby.”

my prediction: cam makes it interesting in the 4th but the packers hold on.  packers  32 – panthers 28

weather: 54 degrees 30% chance of showers

history: all time the packers have a 8-4 record against the panthers including a post season win. the packers have a 3-2 record at lambeau against the cats but dropped the last one at home with a 35-31 loss. big mac is 2-1 vs. the panthers and 1-0 against coach rivera.

keys to the game: 1. a gentleman named cam newton.  he’s big.  he’s strong. he’s fast.  don’t let him get on the move.  contain. contain. contain.  2. get the run game going.  the panthers are ranked 27th in rushing defense.  exploit it.  3.  control the TOP.  the best way to win a game is to have the ball most and have the ball last.  please see last week’s example.

injury report: probable: barrington LB (hamstring), boyd DT (knee)  questionable: boykin WR (groin), lattimore LB (neck), williams CB (ankle)  out:  jones DE (ankle), shields CB (knee)

qow: congrats dan, you were the only one who attempted to guess last week’s question. what was it and how close were you?  well let’s just say that the second place reply was “i’m rushing but i’ll be there!” so congrats, you have won twice by default now.  i owe you a beverage of your choice.  how does dan do it?  well, he reads my flog and takes a shot at the qow.  you can win too.  just put your answer in the comments or when you RSVP to the weekly question of the week.  how many REC YDS will randall cobb have this sunday?

fun facts: the very first english “american”, virgina dare, was born in roanoke north carolina in 1587.  her first words to her parents were “get the fuck out of my country. you are here illegally.”  they sure did so by completely disappearing off the face of the earth along with the rest of the colony. to this day no one is sure what happened to the lost colony.  well done virgina, well done.

ok people, yes for you lazy bastards the game is being played locally but i would love to see all your faces there.  because what is better than a packers win?  cheering with all the L.A. cheeseheads!  now get your asses to bed early tonight and we will see you at mom’s bright and early!

and as always….GO PACK GO!!!

the big cheese