PLEASE READ!!!  before i get started on my weekly flog i wanted to make everyone aware about tomorrows fundraiser.  we are asking everyone that shows up to tomorrow’s game to donate a couple bucks at the door for the U.S. Vets Initiative.  ($3-$5 is all.) we are hoping to raise $300-$500 per playoff game.  this is completely voluntary but we would really love for our packers fans to show the love and once again show everyone in packer nation why we are the greatest group around.  not to worry, for your donation you will receive a $1 off coupon for mom’s bar to offset the contribution. you will also receive a raffle ticket for 1of 5, $10 gift certificates to mom’s bar and perhaps a few other tidbits to be raffled off at halftime.  check out the cause at  i spoke with one of the gentleman who work for them and i was so moved by their organization that i decided to raise money for the cause.  they didn’t solicit or ask for me to raise money.  this will be a total surprise for them as they are funded mostly by donations and fundraising. let’s show them what us packers fans are all about.  for every game we host for the playoffs we will have the same bucket out with $1 off coupons and halftime raffles.  so let’s keep the good vibes and dig deep for the men and women who did a job that you couldn’t.  let’s make a difference in their lives.  thank you everyone!

well, well, well…here we are again. the playoffs. just a mere six weeks ago no one believed., no one had faith, no one cared about the green bay packers playoffs chances back on thanksgiving.  they were all but written off.  many of us true cheese heads were disappointed, frustrated, even aggravated but we still tuned in every sunday knowing that we still had a shot. the crowds thinned.  the beer staled.  the brats got cold. did anyone believe? NFL network?  no. FOX? no. NBC? no. ESPN? no.  BET? say what?!.  they all wrote us off.  they said we didn’t have a chance.  they said without rodgers we were done.  they said we…were…out.

they missed one little thing…the magic.  yes, we lost our leader.  yes, we lost our O line.  yes, we lost our running backs. we lost our star receiver.  we lost everyone but we didn’t lose one thing…we never lost our magic.  sometimes logic isn’t common, sometimes relativity is just a theory, and sometimes rhythm is just a method.  sometimes you can draw out all the likely scenarios and none of them come to fruition. sometimes magic takes a hold, takes control, and takes over.  don’t call it a comeback. we’ve been here for (four) years.

packers.  Lambeau. playoffs.  it can’t get more storied at a storied franchise unless Lombardi wrote it himself.  three back up QB’s. dismantled O line. phenom rookie running back.  last second pass on 4th down to clinch the division.  it now all comes down to this. i’ve listened to all the whiners.  i’ve heard the complaints.  “why should an 12-4 team go to an 8-7-1 team for a playoff game?!”  you know why?  because we are winners.  everyone is 0-0 in the playoffs.  win or go home. welcome to green bay san fran.  welcome to the playoffs.  welcome to the frozen tundra.  and guess what?  Lombardi said knock you out.

my prediction:  ice bowl II  packers 21 – whiners 17

weather: ummmm….fucking cold.  -3 degrees at kickoff and 30% chance of snow at night.  getting down to -18 with a wind chill down to -30.  my balls just got sucked up into my stomach.

vegas:  spread: packers +2.5 under-over:  45.5

history:  all time the packers lead the regular season series by a small margin of 30-27-1.  the packers also lead the postseason with a 4-2 record but the niners knocked out the pack last season in the divisional round.  at home the pack also leads with a commanding 23-11 record.  why?  because it’s not sunny california.  this is where men play.  the pack have won 13 of the last 17 but the niners have won the last 3 games which were all crushing losses including the loss in the playoffs last year at candlestick park.  big mac is 3-3 against the niners but has an 0-3 record against the hargaugh that got the bad genes in the family.  seriously, how is his brother so much better of a human being than he is?  anyway, the douche bag is 3-0 against the pack.  i feel a wind of change blowing.

keys to the game:  1. been saying it all year.  defense, defense, defense.  time to step up boys.  can’t allow big plays. stop the run, contain kaeperdick, and create turnovers.  2.  control the ball.  it’s going to be a cold one.  let the niners offense sit on the bench and let that bone chilling cold take hold.  this is a california team that hasn’t played in a game under 33 degrees.  enjoy!  3.  run pass run.  that is our new offense and even more so in the cold.  the niners have a good D.  let’s test them in freezing temps.

injury report:  probable: b. jones LB (ankle), lacy RB (ankle), neal DE/LB abdomen, perry LB (foot), pickett DT (knee)  out: niners SF (playoffs), matthews LB (thumb)

qow:  no one came up and said the phrase that pays last week.  i’ll take that as a do over.  the first 3 people that come up to me and say “two great tastes that taste great together” will get a free drink on me.

fun facts:  denim jeans were invented in san Francisco during the gold rush.  the miners needed tougher pants than the flimsy woven cotton that was popular in that day.  pretty cool, huh?  no, not really because soon some hipster miners from san fran showed up and skinny miner jeans were born.  this fad was quickly squashed thanks to an “accidental” mine collapse where the hipster miners were buried.  but thanks to douche bag anthropologists they were once again discovered and became a, what i hope, is a very short lived trend.  FACT!!!!

OK, so bring your cash to donate.  bring your drinking pants for safety.  and bring your screaming voices because this is going to be a hell of a playoff game.  when you are old and your grandkids ask about the greatest season the packers ever had, you can tell them you saw the pack win the second ice bowl.  and that my friends…is magic!!!
the big cheese