well folks, here it is.  week 17 just like i predicted at the beginning of the season.  just as the packers get hot, rodgers goes down with a freak injury on a tackle during the bears game.  the pack then goes on a 5 game slide while rodgers sits on the sideline next to cobb.  the bears and lions shit the bed and can’t clinch the playoffs while our second and third back up QB’s go out with injuries or get pulled.  here comes the great white hope, matt flynn, from christmas past back from the west…then the west but a little more south….then the east.  anyway, flynn managed 2 wins and a tie to keep the packers in the playoff hunt.  then in the last two weeks of the season, the bears and lions once again shit the bed and all but take themselves out of the playoffs.  it comes down to this, the last game of the season for the NFC north title.  but wait…what’s this?  rodgers is back from the injury along with his number 2 receiver, cobb.  just in the nick of time.  yeah, just like i called it.

my point is, who the hell would have thought any of this would happen? this is storybook shit right here and we are about to witness greatness.  the winner of this game wins the 4th seed in the playoffs along with the NFC north title. not to mention all the bets i’ve laid down with bears fans. and by the winner…i mean of course the green bay packers.

this has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride of a season and i hope to see you all tomorrow afternoon for what is going to be a hell of a game.  oh, did i mention cobb and rodgers are back?

my prediction: we light it up.  packers 42 – bears 21

weather: 27 degrees 40% chance of snow

vegas: spread: packers -3  under-over:  53

history: all time the bears hold a slight lead over the pack with a 92-87-6 record but the packers hold the lead at soldier field at 22-19. the pack have dominated as of late winning 8 of the last 10 meetings including the last time at soldier field with a 21-13 victory.  we all know about the last game they played.  rodgers went down for the count early in the game and the bears managed to squeak out a 27-20 win.  big mac is 10-6 against the bears and tresman is 1-0 in his first season. his streak will abruptly come to an end just like sex with pete.

keys to the game: 1. set up the pass.  the bears have one of the worst rush defenses in the league.  give lacy and starks the ball and shove it down the bears throat until they creep up in the box.  then….it’s rodgers time.  with nelson, cobb, jones, and boykin this should be like watching a circus act. talk about talent.  2.  protect rodgers.  the O line needs to step up this game and keep the pocket open.  give rodgers a chance to let the play develop and more importantly, keep him from getting hit.  we don’t need a repeat from the last game.  3. stop the big plays.  we can’t keep getting beat on 3rd and long.  the defense needs to be consistant and stop those breakout, game changing, 1st down giving plays.  4.  please don’t hurt culter. keep cutler in the game.  mcnown is a much better QB and quitler likes to throw picks.

injury report: probable: jones LB (ankle), lacy RB (ankle), neal DE/LB (abdomen), perry LB (foot), pickett DT (knee), quarless TE (ankle), rodgers QB (collarbone), stoneburner TE (illness), taylor TE (illness) out: bears (playoffs), matthews LB (thumb)
qow: so no question of the week last week because i was out of town.  to make up for it i will buy a free drink for the first 3 people to come up to me and say “two great tastes that taste great together.”

fun facts: did you know that the world famous route 66 starts in chicago just minutes away from soldier field?  but guess what?  the famous road ends in santa monica.  yeah, that’s right.  just like the bears season, it’s going to end with a bunch of cheering pack fans in santa monica.  all we do is win, win, win!

ok party people, let’s get mom’s packed for tomorrow’s game.  i’m fresh back from lambeau and i need to hear that packer noise in my ear.  hope to see you all there.  i suggest getting there early because i expect it to get….packed.  hey yo!  GO PACK GO!!


the big cheese