hi all –

i would like to apologize for my late post but i won’t.  it’s been a busy week and i haven’t had time to do a damn thing except drink, vegas, and some sex.  i also worked.  stupid work.  anyway, half effort today.  gots to run but i look forward to another packers win tomorrow.

on a side note, i was fortunate enough to sit next to a bears fan last sunday and watch his stupid face cry when the bears lost.  so amazing.  i highly recommend trying it.  the best part is that i was wearing a packers shirt and he was talking shit before the game.  he quieted down.  haha

my prediction:  it’s going to be a hot one but packers stay as cool as the beer i’m drinking right now.  packers 28 dolphins 14

weather:  hot? humid? thunderstorms? welcome to the worst state in the country.  85 degrees, 74% humidity, and 40% chance of rain.

vegas: spread: packers -3  under-over: 49

history:  not much to speak of with these two teams.  they have only met 13 times and the dophins surprisingly have dominated the series with a 10-3 record.  the packers have won the last two of three meetings dating back to favre’s days so this means the dophins only owned us during the marino days.  the pack at miami are 1-6 and big mac is 1-1 vs. the fins.

keys to the game:  1. be cool man.  be cool.  like my dad always says, “it’s not da ‘eat, it’s da ‘umidity.’ (he’s from new jersey.)  the humidity will get you.  stay hydrated and leave some in the tank for the fourth quarter.  2.  get up fast.  score a quick 14 points to keep the dolphins on their heels.  then we can slow the pace down as needed.  3.  just win baby.

injury report: probable:  bakhtiari T (back), boyd DT (groin) questionable:  barrignton LB (hamstring), jones DE (ankle)  out: boykin WR (groin)

qow:  wow, not one person came up to me with the phrase that pays last week.  can’t win if you don’t play people.  looks like by default i’ll buy josh and ryan a shot.  guess this week’s question and win a drink on me!  how many passing yards will rodgers have?  answer in the comments or when you RSVP.

fun facts:  miami.  it’s fucking hot and miserable.  FACT!

sorry about the half assed flog this week but i was busy all week long and didn’t have time to throw something together until now and guess what? it’s my birthday so screw it.  i’m drinking.  see you tomorrow people!

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and as always…..GO PACK GO!!!!

the big cheese