here we go, third and last game in this early stretch of division games.  and what better stage than a thursday night?  (please note my sarcasm.  i hate thursday night games.) so after all these years the vikings manned up and are playing outside. i have to say, i gained a bit of respect for them.  it will be short lived though because their new stadium that is being built is a dome as well.  i wonder how it feels to play football in a skirt?  anyway, that is the only edge they will have playing at Lambeau.  4 weeks of outside football.  i think vegas gave them an extra half point for that.

so who will it be? ponder or bridgewater?  well, with a slightly sprained ankle on a short week, it is still a toss up but from what i think the coaches are playing it up to keep the packers guessing who will be under center. either way, it will be a never has been QB or a rookie with a game and a half under his belt.  i’m thinking our secondary has a couple more picks in their near future.  i also see peppers having his first two sack game for us. enjoy people.

my prediction: packers mini-streak  pack 32 – vikings 17

weather: rain, 66 degrees

vegas: spread: packers -9 under-over:  47.5

history: all time the packers have a solid lead in this series with a 55-48-2 record splitting a post season win each.  at lambeau the pack holds a 21-17-2 edge and have won 7 of the last 10 meetings.  big mac is 12-4-1 coaching against the vikings. oddly enough, the last meeting at lambeau ended in a rare 26-26 tie.  what is this, soccer?!

keys to the game: 1. short week means less prep.  less prep on a possible rookie QB.  this kid can move around and make plays but nonetheless he is a rookie.  keep him pressured and let him make rookie mistakes.  2.  defense needs to stop the run.  yes, peterson is out but the vikes still have some weapons on the ground.  asiata and mckinnon have been no joke producing and they beat their kids waaaay less than peterson so double bonus.  3. hi aaron, i really like what you did last week.  can you do it again?  and again? and then some more? holy shit did he answer the bell.  perhaps there is something to this hurry up offense.  do it again.

injury report: (based on given information available. i’ll try to update this tomorrow.) probable: matthews LB (groin)  questionable: jones LB (quad)  dobutful: barrington LB (hamstring), boyd DT (knee), boykin WR (knee)

qow: looks like dan sqeezed out another win this week with his answer to last week’s question: how many rushing plays will the packers run.  the answer was 18 (if you count rodgers 1 rush.) and dan once again was waaaay off with 27 but again the only one with a sane answer.  well done dan, another drink for you!  don’t have time to come up with a question this week so i’m giving a free drink to the first 2 people that come up to me and say “ebola is for pussies.”  (ryan and josh you are excluded because you always win and i generally buy you two vaginas a shot during the game anyway so suck it.)

fun facts: minnesota’s state bird is the common loon.  makes sense.  (these jokes sell themselves people.)

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see you all on thursday and as always…GO PACK GO!!!!

the big cheese