hello cheeseheads,

welcome to this week’s flog. sorry about the late announcement but some asshole at my job has been overloading me with work so he can have more time to flirt with the female staff and tell them about his workout regimen. this is what happens when you give a moron a little responsibilty. does anyone else have one of these assholes at their work? so my point is, i haven’t had time to slack off at work and get the announcement out so here i am on saturday sitting at a bar since 8am researching and typing this shit up. yes, i’ve been drinking.

here we are at week 3 and every NFC north team is sitting at 1-1. when was the last time that happened? it’s anyone’s lead to take and the packers are going into a 3 game stretch of all divisional matchups. these next 3 week’s can and will have a big impact come december. these next games will determine our grasp on the NFC north. first up, detroit. let’s hope this is the week the packers start to gel.

my prediction: lions implode as always. packers 24 lions 14

weather: pussy cats don’t like weather. it’s a dome game.

vegas: spread: 52.5 under-over: packers +2.5

history: all time the packers have owned the lions with a 94-66-7 record which include two postseason wins. at detroit the lions have a bit of an edge with a 42-38-2 record and they did manage to pull off the last meeting at ford field with a 40-10 win but that was the rodgersless packers. including that loss, the packers have won the last 15 of 17 meetings with the lions. now that is a streak. big mac is 14-2 versus the lions.

keys to the game: 1. stop the pass rush. with bulaga possibly out again, the packers O line (ehem, sherrod) needs to step up their game and not let suh and fairley take shots at rodgers. give him time to let nelson, cobb, and adams get open. 2. obviously this is going to be an airal fight with some of the best receivers in the league on the field. staffords number one target, megtron, has to be held at a minimum. i say minimum because there is no shutting down the 6’5 236lbs WR. keep him under 60 yards and the packers D should be OK with the lions sub par running game. 3. don’t wait until the second half to get warmed up. that was fine versus the jets and a young QB but this isn’t your mothers lions. these guys can and will put up some points. get in the game from kickoff.

injury report: probable: hyde CB (knee) questionable: bulaga T (knee) out: jones LB (quad), mulumba LB (knee)

qow: well, well, well…look who won again. congrats ryan you sonofabitch for guessing the closest to last weeks question. rodgers QBR for last week’s game was 109.8. you were way off with a guess of 110.0. i’ll still buy you a drink anyway regardless of your .18% discrepancy. remember kids, you can’t win if you don’t play. guess this week’s question for a free drink on yours truly. how many points, including extra points, will crosby have this week. and as a tie breaker what will be his long? put your answers in the comments or answer when you RSVP.

fun facts: the origional robocop movie in 1987 was set in a futuristic detroit but yet only a small fraction of footage was filmed in detroit. why? because 1987 detroit wasn’t “future looking” enough to film outside shots that were to be 2030’s detroit. you know what else isn’t “future looking” enough for 2030’s detroit? 2014 detroit.

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see you all bright and early tomorrow. please remember there are no outside drinks allowed so have your coffee before you get to the bar.

the big cheese