The Del Boca Vista Showdown

hi all – i would like to apologize for my late post but i won’t.  it’s been a busy week and i haven’t had time to do a damn thing except drink, vegas, and some sex.  i also worked.  stupid work.  anyway, half effort today.  gots to run but i look forward to another packers […]

NFC North Game 3: The Pack vs. the vikings

here we go, third and last game in this early stretch of division games.  and what better stage than a thursday night?  (please note my sarcasm.  i hate thursday night games.) so after all these years the vikings manned up and are playing outside. i have to say, i gained a bit of respect for […]

NFC North Game 1: Packers at lions

    hello cheeseheads, welcome to this week’s flog. sorry about the late announcement but some asshole at my job has been overloading me with work so he can have more time to flirt with the female staff and tell them about his workout regimen. this is what happens when you give a moron a […]

Not worried….

It’s only week 1 people. The Packers looked a little sketchy in their first outing of the season but I would rather they be good late, than be good early. Sit back and enjoy watching stress free football this Sunday and we will see you all next week for the Packers home opener vs. the […]

SEP 04 2014 Kickoff!: The Packers @ the seapigeons

week one?! week one?! is it already week one?! yes it is and you know what that means. it means the day we have been desperately waiting for all year since the 2014 schedule came out. hell, we’ve been waiting for this day since september 24th, 2012. no pat, i’m not talking about the labor […]

The Pack vs. the whiners: Lombardi said knock you out!

PLEASE READ!!!  before i get started on my weekly flog i wanted to make everyone aware about tomorrows fundraiser.  we are asking everyone that shows up to tomorrow’s game to donate a couple bucks at the door for the U.S. Vets Initiative.  ($3-$5 is all.) we are hoping to raise $300-$500 per playoff game.  this […]